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No Greater Love

I have been fortunate enough in this life to have been gifted an abundance of love. I have loved and been loved so hard and so deeply by my family, friends, an endearing husband, and our amazing kids. I am forever grateful for these loves, and my hope is that they know how very much I love each of them. But no matter how many ways or times I give and show this love, or it is given and shown to me, it pales in comparison to the love that Jesus gives. I don’t ever want to lose sight that He loved me first, He loves me best.


We use the word love rather loosely in society….I love your hair…. I love tacos…. I love that song...I love hot tea... Oh, I love……you name it, we “love” it. The word love is used over 500 times in the Bible, but God’s love is different. God’s love transcends all other forms; it transcends all understanding. Unlike our love, God’s love is not dependent on us to do a certain thing or act a certain way. It does not waver in the circumstances of our lives.


God’s love is steadfast; it is steady and never wavers.

God’s love is unconditional; there are no strings attached.

He offers His love freely; it is not based on what I do for him.

His love is simple. He wants nothing but my happiness and my heart.

God’s love is selfless.


Valentine’s Day is fun. It is a special date marked on the calendar. The date to buy cards, flowers, chocolates, and make red, heart shaped cookies and pancakes. But we are called to love others at all times, and to love as Jesus loves. So while everyone is sharing and feeling the love on this special day in February, including myself, I want to focus on what Jesus did to show His agape love. He laid down his life for mine; there is no greater love than this.


May I remain centered in faith, hope and love- knowing that the greatest of these is love. May I recognize that I did not choose Him, but He chose me. May I love others the way Jesus loves me (1 Corinthians 13, John 15).

May my relationship with Jesus be my greatest love story.


No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

Song by Steffany Gretzinger

If my heart could tell a story

If my life would sing a song

If I have a testimony

If I have anything at all

No one ever cared for me like Jesus

His faithful hand has held me all this way

And when I'm old and grey

And all my days are numbered on the earth

Let it be known in you alone

My joy was found

Oh my joy, my joy

Let my children tell their children

Let this be their memory

That all my treasure was in heaven

And you were everything to me

I'm still in love

You’re still enough for me

Still all I want

You’re still my everything

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