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Waves of Feelings

Like waves, our feelings can often overwhelm us. They can come so quickly, so unexpectedly that we are washed under in seconds flat- finding ourselves swimming frantically back to the surface. But sometimes, we see them coming. We feel them lurking and churning beneath the surface and we wait in angst for them to crest.

Like waves, our feelings come and go- they are not too big or too much; they are not bad or good. They are simply giving us information that we need to pay attention to.

Pay attention to the fear, the excitement, the stress, the grief, the joy, the sorrow, the frustration, the love, the sadness, and the happiness-recognize it all, accept it all, feel it all.

Like waves, our feelings intensify, trying to get us to act on our emotions. If we ride the wave, aware of our emotions in a mindful manner we can recognize the feeling we are experiencing. Once we recognize and accept whatever that feeling is - whatever that wave is bringing our way- we can ride it, trusting that it will pass. Know that your emotions and feelings are only one part of you- they are never too much or too little- they are, simply, what makes you human.

Like waves, when our feelings come and go - in and out, high and low- they may be calm, wanted, refreshing and serene, or they may be fast, unexpected, threatening, turbulent, and feel out of our control. Waves represent the change in flow (and feelings) we face throughout life.

Like waves, we all experience ups and downs, highs and lows. The question is- Will you choose to ride the waves? Or more importantly, who will you look to help you ride the waves- who will be in the boat with you when your waves crash?

We can never fully anticipate, plan, or prepare ourselves for the multitude of waves we will encounter in our lives, but we CAN be equipped to better ride the waves. We can trust the promise God gave to Israel. We can believe in His promise- the one who calms the waters- when He says…

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you…” (Isaiah 43:2, NIV).

If waves of grief, anxiety, etc. are crashing around you, invite Him into your boat.

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