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Fresh New Day

But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. (Luke 5:38)

God’s love is not fresh, it is not new, it is not different. His relentless, unconditional love for me has always been, and it will always be.


With the setting and rising of the sun, He gives me fresh beginnings. He grants me the gift of a fresh clean slate, a new day.


My ideas, thoughts, actions, feelings and moods are fresh every day. They ebb, flow, and crash like waves of the ocean. But His mercies are new and fresh every morning.


No matter what I have said or have done, no matter what I haven’t said or haven’t done, He stays. He remains. His provision, promises and protection are the same.


I’m made new each day. The old me has gone. The fresh me has come in Christ.

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